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The notion of an afterlife is currently a conspiracy since there is no solid proof about it. In our universe, there are only three dimensions: life, death, and the divide between the two, dream life. I think that after death, we enter a different ecosystem known as the dream world. Your soul journeys deep into the depths of existence, which is manifested in dreams, after you die. Imagine having to live in your dreams for the rest of your life; it'll be more like an everlasting life that you'll only escape after you've completed a mission that the Almighty has set before you. Those who have harmed others, done horrible things, or committed in heinous acts in this world will be punished by being cast into the tunnel of death., this implies they'll be trapped in a nightmare from which they'll never be able to escape. Those who had pure souls and performed good activities in life would be granted lucid dreams, which are the opposite of nightmares. They will also be given the option of returning to earth as angels to continue doing God's work, or they will become part of the circle of life, which means that when a person dies, the only thing that leaves this world is a soul, whereas a body remains accumulated in the soil, its genetic material becomes embedded in the soil, and thus the circle begins. When a new crop is planted, those genes in the soil will be resurrected.

Most people think that there is another exosphere known as 'hell.' Although there is a chance that such a realm exists, I have depicted this sort of creation as a never-ending nightmare.

Death happens for the purposes of population reduction, evolution, and redemption, whereas life exists for the sake of learning, development, and evolution. There would be no evolution, the globe would be overcrowded, and many people would struggle for resources if humans were granted eternal life. The only way to avoid death is to age; we live until our systems can no longer execute their duties, at which point we die. Diseases and viruses were not created by God; they were created by humanity! Death is only intended to happen as a result of aging, not accidents, violence, or suicide. That is what we, as human beings, create for ourselves; we design illnesses and resources that will eventually kill us.

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