Reasons why young Nigerian don't want older men to rule Nigeria

This past leaders who have forced their way back to the present and still aiming for the future have several challenges:

Some have several enemies who want to either do them wrong or jeopardise their efforts when such people are done battling with their political enemies, no time or resources might be left to build the State.

These old folks are not in touch with reality. They are advised on everything in this modern era. Some blatantly refuse to take advice and continue to rule like in the past, their by going the other way when other countries are going elsewhere.

This people are old, not only physically but mentally. Old men should be having their rest and not fighting their way into government to make living miserable for the masses.

A Nigerian President was called to present a budget, he came but complained bitterly about having a cold, and that he came because they kept requesting.

He, however, attributed his ailment to his hard work as the president of the country.

In a land of vibrant, energetic people this is what we get, its a shame.

By the way, we joked about it like we always do.

And as for the youths, we have the brains to develop a nation but the majority of us lack character.

We are easily led to be dishonest.

A Nigerian youth wants to get rich and he wants to get rich quick.

With this mindset, it's tough to entrust such a person with vital offices.

The vast majority of Nigerian youths won't have anything to do with Nigeria, they want to leave, and they want to run as far away from the country.

We need youths that have nation-building at heart. Youths today are less patriotic.

When you sit with a Nigerian youth, he talks about money, then more money, talks of girls or boys would fall in-between, then concludes with money.

They rarely if ever think of a way to contribute to making Nigeria better.

The Nigerian youth wants to run to a place where everything is already in place.

They have given up on Nigeria, this is sad and unacceptable, as the future of the younger generation rests on our very efforts today.

The youths of Nigeria can stand up any day and demand a change, that it won't be business as usual.

The youths of other countries are doing it, why can't we.

Why are you so fearful?

Why are you afraid to die when you have nothing to live for?

If you won't fight for yourself, do so for your young loved ones.

Let us demand a change at every level, and see the magic.

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