Responsible Freedom

According to the Hedonists and Epicureans, eat and drink for tomorrow, we die. Do merry today because life is limited. Do everything you want because it is the best expression of your freedom. However, freedom for a human person is a gift wherein an individual becomes responsible in his or her choices and decesions.

In the rectitude or rightness of human action which we call morality, there are three constituents: knowledge, freedom, and voluntariness. Without knowledge, a human person has no freedom and voluntariness. That is why in every ethical judgement, the state of ignorance can alway be a modifier.

Freedom is doing what is ought and necessary. Humanistically, it is being free of obstacles and blocks hendering choices and decisions. If we are to look at dogs, they mate everywhere they want. They are not shy. They scavenge or steal food even in the presence of someone that may punish them. Are the dogs free? Yes in their animality, freedom is following their appetition, a stimulus to their locumotion. For the dogs, freedom is best perfected in following their desire and want as perpetuated by their senses and perception. However, it is different in the human person. We cannot just simply do what we desire. Say for instance, we cannot just eat a food without terminating its security to be good for the stomach. A thief cannot simply steal with the presence of another person that might lead him/ her to punishment and persecution. A human person cannot simply do something without his/ her rationality. Doing under the urge of desire is animality. A human person is a rational animal. We cannot deny sensation and perception to be part of our human composition. However, we go beyond our sensation and perception. It is not by bread and water alone that we live.

Freedom in the human person has something to do with rationality which involves intellect and will. Having known that the food cannot be eaten because it is poisonous, we resort to cook another. We cannot simply eat and drink a lot because we have to maintain a proper diet so that we may avoid illnesses such as high blood pressure and others. In our freedom, it is best to consider the consequence of our human action. Human action happens as we use our intellect and will before we do something. Freedom is a power inherent because of our intellect and will that we cannot simply follow our desire but we do what is reasonable and necessary.

It is in using our freedom well that we become responsible. Terminologically, Responsibility constitutes two root words: response and ability. It is response to our ability. Our best ability as a human person is freedom. Responsibility is our response to freedom. When a police is searching a creminal, our best action is to help no matter how dangerous it may be that this crime doer may not make more violence. We eat in the proper time because we have known its benefits. We become responsible in our studies and jobs because at the end, we inherit its value and good result. Responsibility is always for the good and right result. We handle our human action well for the good purpose that we may not suffer in the future. When I was a philosophy student, cellphones and gadgets are not allowed because we, in the formation for priesthood, are in the discipleship stage wherein we have to sacrifice for the sake of obedience. During theology; liquors, gadgets, going outside the seminary and leisure times are lifted because there we have to be responsible in our freedom. Pleasures of the world are there but how are we to manage ourselves with their presence. In my theology study, I have realized the benefits of being responsible in our freedom. For instance, studying is good but how much time will the mind can grasp things to be pieces of understanding. Being responsible in our studies means considering the proper time. We cannot study while playing or even doing something not related to our main focus. Multipurpose activities are contradiction to responsibility. Doing alot of things not in their proper manner may deny the purpose something is set to be.

Responsible freedom is our response to our ability as human person because we are more dominant than animals due to our intellect and will. Responsible freedom means doing what is accurate and necessary that could be done by a human person. Things have purpose. It is our freedom that we concieve the purpose of things. It is also by responsiblity that we lead things in their right purpose. Responsible freedom is necessary that we attain at least the simple perfection from our prudence: doing something in the right place and time

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