Ring Doorbells now have Encryption, thanks to Amazon.

Following a successful trial in the United States, Amazon will provide end-to-end encryption for footage recorded by the Ring doorbell globally.

It implies that the files can only be seen on the smartphone that got the video.Privacy-focused messaging platforms like WhatsApp support end-to-end authentication as a safety mechanism.

Some countries, like the United Kingdom, argue that it makes law enforcement more difficult.Ring claims that authorities in the UK only have access to data that Ring owners want to share, but that "relevant regulations" may restrict end-to-end encryption's availability "in certain locations" worldwide. It didn't want to name them.

The video footage from the Ring is kept on Amazon web servers, but due to end-to-end encryption, the tech giant will be unable to see or give it over.

Last year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation requested that Ring consider making the adjustment.

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