Safety precautions for Coronavirus

First of all let us know something about what corona virus actually is? The rapidly spreading corona is a virus founded in animals , it is also known as COVID-19. It started from china , then the neighbouring countries and now spreading all over the world. there are 81,144 confirmed cases of victims of corona virus has been reported till date and many more are expected by the experts because the outbreak is still unstoppable and the cure for this deadly virus is still not discovered yet.

SAFETY STEPS: 1. Wash your hands after any public contact. 2. Avoid unnecessary outings. 3. Use masks while going out. 4. Drink lots and lots of water. 5. Keep atleast 2 feet distance from the effected person. 6. Avoid meat and poultry products , prefer consuming vegetables and fruits. 7. Only consume well cooked food.Avoid raw food. 8. Avoid contact with sick peoples or animals. By following these simple steps you can save yourself from the attack of corona virus.

It is also very difficult to detect the virus on time as it quietly deposits in the lungs, and when you starts noticing the symptoms it had already damaged about 50% of your lungs which means you are very late.

HOW TO FIND OUT THE SYMPTOMS OF CORONA VIRUS: Every cold cough or flu might not be associated with corona virus. It is very easy to find out that if you are suffering from COVID-19 or not. Because it is said that if it is detected during early stages , it can be cured by care. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 10 seconds , if you feel any chest pain of cough , visit a doctor immediately and take necessary precautions but if you don't feel any discomfort it means you are safe.

As there is no medicine or cure developed against COVID-19 it is very important to detect the virus on time and handle it with care in order to save your life.

Not only you but be careful about the people around you. Never forget to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Use a tissue while coughing and then immediately dispose off the tissue. And don't forget to wash your hands carefully as it is a contagious disease which means it can be transferred from one person to another.

The life is the most precious gift from God. So take care of your's and other's too.

CONCLUSION: Corona is a deadly virus but it can be controlled by taking few safety steps that are mentioned above. It is spreading rapidly across the globe but the spreading rate can be minimize if we act responsibly. Now follow these precautions and also spread in your loved ones in order to stay away from any heart wrenching situation. As there is no medical cure discovered yet so only good care and cleanliness can lead you to a healthy environment and keeps you away from any disease including the corona virus or COVID-19.

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