Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, and Israel Reached the Best Agreement Ever

Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, and Israel have Reached a Consensus Agreement of all Time


Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow the Unites, Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel to use their airspace, saving many travel hours, and creating significant economic benefits for both countries. In addition, Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement that includes the de-escalation of cross-border violence.



Unfortunately, Israel is experiencing a resurgence of coronavirus cases in the last several days. The government issued a curfew and school closures that started Tuesday for areas deemed as hotspots because of a record-breaking spike in the infection rate. This avoids a nationwide closure for now.




According to Jonathan Bernis of the Jewish Voice Ministries International, the UAE received the approval of its request to use the Saudi Arabian airspace for all flights. This significant move came just two days after an Israeli airplane carrying a delegation of Israeli and American officials heading to the UAE crossed through Saudi Arabian airspace for the first time.



The opening of Saudi skies reflects a growing willingness by Gulf Arab states to publicly recognize warming ties with Israel, according to BNN Bloomberg, a Canadian news source.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week any airline, including Israeli ones, could now fly directly to the UAE through the Saudi airspace, and that it would shave off hours on routes to Asian destinations.





Terror group Hamas announced it has reached an agreement with Israel to de-escalate violence across the border, according to YNet News. The talks were mediated by Muhammad al-Amadi, the Qatari envoy to the Gaza Strip. A statement by Hamas said that the talks “brought understanding between us and Israel to return calm to the region and prevent an escalation in violence.”


Facilitating social projects to help tackle the dire humanitarian situation and reining in the spread of COVID-19 in the Gaza Strip are also part of the agreement, according to the terror group.


Reports of the agreement were confirmed by Israeli officials. "Further deliberations on any further demands by Hamas will continue later, as the group stopped the launch of all balloon-borne incendiary and explosive devices from the Gaza Strip," Israeli officials said.


This is a great achievement in terms of peace. We, therefore, need to continue praying for Israel and the rest of the world, that the peace of God will continue to reign supreme for the betterment of mankind.


Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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