Scientists:Coronavirus more infectious than SARS and plagues the body in the same way as HIV and Ebola


Scientists at Nankai University  have warned that Coronavirus is far  more infectious than SARS and  that it  plagues the body in the same way as HIV and Ebola does.

In  2002 SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, infected 8,000 people worldwide and killed 774 people. Whereas coronavirus within a span of just 2 months has already infected over  82,000 victims and   killed almost 3,000 . The researchers at Nankai University  believes that this new virus  is more infectious, and  unlike SARS it binds to cells in the human body which makes it more aggressive like HIV and Ebola.

In their peer reviewd paper published at Nankai University researchers examined the genome sequence of COVID-19 and found a section of mutated genes that did not exist in SARS. Instead they found that  coronavirus has 'cleavage sites' similar to those in HIV and Ebola, which carry viral proteins that are dormant and have to be 'cut' to be activated. 



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