South Africa Sinking in Political and Economic Dilemma.

-11 JULY 2021. Chaos sparked in the early hours of Sunday afternoon in Johannesburg city regarding the imprisonment of the former President of South Africa, cohorts of the former President and African National Congress demonstrated a mass movement for the charges of the former president to be eased down, matters escalated as shops were looted and citizens in Hillbrow and the other outskirts of the city were on the run from live ammunition from the police. The ANC cohorts took to the city to demonstrate their formidable loyalty to the former president and objected to his arrest notwithstanding the charges of corruption and engrossment in "State Capture”, Questions arise from concerned citizens regarding the dangers of the current eminent virus, COVID-19, and the political feud that is currently transpiring in the country. Whilst the protest may seem to not only be putting the demonstrators' lives in danger by not following the Covid-19 regulatory rules, it is further endangering the lives of many innocent citizens who may fall victim to both the violence and the deadly pandemic. “I Find it very conflicting that our fellow citizens are doing this during the hard times of the pandemic” -Anonymous The South African former president presented himself before the correctional service at Estcourt prison on Wednesday night and few days after his arrest, protestors took to the streets with violence around and across the country to challenge the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma. The violence in Johannesburg city was among the highest peeking due to the higher numbers of Former President’s loyal supporters in the city. Many are left worried and concerned for the country's future and where it is headed with its Politics. South Africa may be faced with a level-5 lockdown that calls for a total shutdown of the state post the events currently transpiring in the country, the crisis might worsen if Jacob Zuma's supporters fail to comply with the ruling and this may leave the post-apartheid state in an economic and political dilemma.

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