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Am going to be sharing five major problems and humans experience on daily bases and way out:

  1. Women (What pregnancy women needs to know). To make a healthy baby, a woman needs to eat well, if she is very pale and weak or has other signs anaemia and malnutrition, she needs to eat more protein and foods with iron foods like beans, groundnut SLS, chicken, milk, cheese, eggs, meal, fish, plantain and dark green leafy vegetables, also she should also take iron pills her blood to resist dangerous blessing after childbirth.
  2. Bed - Wetting (Enuresis): From 10 - 30 years: Urinating means mituration. Causes: 1 Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction: This automatic nervous system is the control of urine passage from urinary bladder, if there is a problem with this syetm, bed wetting will occur. Psychological problems are also responsible for enuresis (Bed Wetting). Herbal Remedy: Collect little quantity of bitter leaves and scent leaves, Squeeze with little water, filter it and drink 1/2 glass in the morning and evening for 2-4 week.
  3. Bleeding After Delivery: (Post Partum Hemorrhage), Causes: 1 Multiple - pregnancy 2. Retain product of conception e.g. (2) placenta (3) infection multigravide means women who had delivered more than two children. This had lead to death of many women. Although there is an injection that can stop each bleeding but, when the delivery takes place in wrong time people are confused as a result of that leaving the patient to bleed to death. Natural Remedy: Look for plantain stems, (Musa paradisiacal) that has been cut down, for a few days the centre of the plantain stem will be rotten is know as Itawen in Benin and Igbugby in Uhrobo. Squeeze the liquid inside pot and warm. Let the bleeding patient drink it, immediately the bleeding will stop in case there's no rotten plantain stem that had been mention above. Look for full create of minirals of half create of minerals. Either Pepsi or coke cola. Then open all the mineral and pour into a big basin (Container). Let the bleeding patient sit on it between 3-5 minutes the bleeding will stop.
  4. Bad Breathe (Mouth Odour):  Bad breath or halitosis, refers to a mouth condition, which we have to deal with from time to time. Halitosis consist of an unpleasant smell, which can originate from the mouth, throat or digestive system. Acidic. breath indicate a diabetic condition. Causes: poor dental hygiene, food lodged between the teeth, gym disease, tooth decay, smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking. Harbal Remedy: Brush your mouth two times a day. In the morning and evening before you sleep, you don't brush horizontally as most people do. Brush vertically up and down. You should brush your tongue as well. Anytime you eats, make use if tooth pick to remove food particles that lodge between the teeth. But make sure you don't pick too hard to harm or injure your gun.bonce a while wash with line (liquid from the lime) it kills bacteria in the mouth that cause the bad odour.
  5. Cough: Grind three (3) bitter kola, 5 lime (liquid from the lime) mix with 35cl of pure honey. Dosage: One dessertspoon 2 tines daily.. 

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