A Chinese expert has revealed the 100 percent Cure to COVID-19

The 100 percent Cure to Coronavirus Found.

Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, a day to day news in the world today. It has become the greatest 21st-century global pandemic of all time. It is communicable or contagious from an infected person to another in close contact. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the virus is released and is transferred to a nearby person who is less than one miter closer to the sneezing and/or coughing infected person. COVID-19 can also be gotten by touching one's eyes, nose or mouth when the virus is on the person's hands. How long this virus can last on the surface is not known yet. This virus has spread to over 29 countries and thousands of infected people and death has been recorded.


However, the FBI has finally arrested a professor from Boston University, who was in connection with the Chinese University and research lab. in Wuhan and highly paid by China to manufacture a Bio attack on the world, America specifically. Now, it is very close to being clear that Coronavirus is a Bio attack plan and conducted by China.


In addition, a Chinese expert has revealed the 100 percent cure to this global deadly pandemic called Coronavirus or COVID-19. According to him, the inhalation of the steam of hot water kills Coronavirus 100 percent. He assures the world that COVID-19 cannot survive the steam of hot water, even though it has entered the mouth, nose or eyes. When an infected person inhales the steam of hot water, that is the effective 100 percent cure, he assured.


This should be looked into and victims of Coronavirus should be made to inhale the steam of hot water to verify if it actually works. If it does, then what seems so hard and impossible has become very easy and possible overnight. The medical practitioners and World Health Organization (WHO) should look into this and if confirmed true and effective, the information should be dispatched immediately to save lives and end this pandemic menace that has troubled the world. 


All those groups of Chinese culprits who brought this pandemic pain upon the world, which has taken lots of lives and displays families and businesses, hit so hard on the world economy, should be brought to book. Human lives are not meant to be used for selfish aggrandizement, ambition or quest for political power and dominance. Any man or group of people that plays with human lives, or disvalues it, is inhuman and should be called to order.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu 

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