The benefits of walking

Walking is the most amazing and easy sport practiced by many people, and it is not limited to being a type of sport and exercise movements, but rather a way to entertain, stimulate the body, get rid of negative energy, and cure many diseases and health problems, as many studies have proven Even walking for a short period of time provides the body with many benefits, lets explain this article more clearly

first it Maintains the health , as many medical studies and research have proven that walking increases the human life and makes it less prone to developing heart diseases and strokes.

2 regulates the blood level in the body, which prevents high blood pressure, 3 treats obesity and weight gain, and tightens the muscles of the body, especially stomach muscles,

4 It protects all types of cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.

5 protects against diabetes, when walking stimulates blood circulation, and regular sugars in the body

6 protects against heart disease, as walking rid the body of harmful fats and cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis,

7 activates brain functions in general, and strengthens memory in particular, as well as improves the mental capabilities of a person.

8 reduces feelings of anxiety and tension. The body while walking excretes endorphins, which help reduce physical and psychological pressure,

9 improves sexual ability in men.

10 The body gets rid of negative energy and thoughts, and makes it more positive and optimistic, especially if walking in the early hours of the morning, and in quiet places far from the noise, such as parks, or on the beach. ,

Benefits of walking for half an hour a day The benefits of walking for half an hour a day include the following: 3 it protects against infectious diseases, such as influenza, cold, and colds. It revitalizes the muscles of the body, and it provides better nutrition for tissues and brain cells. It helps the body to relax, relieves stress and depression. It increases body fitness and fitness, and burns accumulated fat in the body. It strengthens the buttocks and butt muscles, and prevents them from sagging. Promotes the secretion of hormones of happiness in the body. It enhances the acquisition of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, taking care not to be in the afternoon, as sunlight at this time harms the body. It strengthens and repairs the bones of the body, and maintains the balance of the body. Increased physical fitness, especially in the pelvic area, and contributes to tightening muscles, especially in the buttocks and abdomen, and dissolving the accumulated fat in the body. It protects against breast cancer, as many medical studies and research have shown that women who are used to walking daily for half an hour are less likely to develop such a disease.

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