The Best Electric Screwdrivers

The Best Electric Screwdrivers

If you're doing some DIY at home, you're probably bored of manually screwing things in, which often results in chafing your hands and the failure to truly secure a screw in whatever you're making or fixing.

The electric screwdriver is probably the most user-friendly and low-powered of the power tool family. It's a handy piece of gear that, if you're anything like us, will save you a little time and a lot of effort. We can't imagine life without one now, but there are plenty to choose from if you're shopping for one.That's why we've compiled a list of the greatest options for you to peruse right now.



Worx WX255L SD

You might prefer a more intricate instrument, and this Worx screwdriver is impressive for the amount of functionality it provides without being too expensive. A screw holding attachment is one such item that can assist you if you find yourself slipping off your screw while working; it will hold it in place for you.

It's also one-handed friendly, with more pieces in the barrel and a battery that should last you through all but the most difficult and long-term jobs. Plus, it should keep charged for up to 18 months while stored, allowing you to forget about it while still having power.

Bosch PSR Select

In terms of variety, Bosch's power tool system is unrivalled, and its screwdriver is another terrific alternative, competitively priced and including a number of clever design decisions, such as the screw head storage wheen located on the driver itself.

It's gun-shaped for simple handling, and it comes with a convenient carrying case for easy storage. It has a lot of torque and can handle up to 90 screws per charge, so it's perfect for any DIY projects you have planned. If you're familiar with and trust Bosch's other products, this is a welcome addition.



DeWalt 8V MAX Gyroscopic Screwdriver.

This is a wonderful screwdriver from DeWalt's distinctive design geniuses, with some smart tweaks that make it great to use. It lets you hold it in either a straight grip or a pistol grip. An LED illuminates your target, a battery life indicator ensures you don't get caught off guard, and variable speed control are all included.

However, because it's a somewhat expensive model, you could discover that it's not quite necessary if you're only planning the occasional job.


DB3DL2 from Hitachi

This Hitachi screwdriver claims to be your one-and-only tool. It comes with a full set of batteries to ensure that you don't run out of power in the middle of a task, as well as an adjustable handle for those harder-to-reach areas.

It's simple and quick to change screw heads, and it's also quite powerful and dependable. Overall, it's topped our list - however it's a little more difficult to come by than other models, so if you see one, grab it.


Black and Decker Cordless Screwdriver.

This small electric screwdriver from Black  and  Decker is on the very simple and very inexpensive end of the spectrum, removing some of the bells and whistles of other versions to only offer you a help when screwing things in.

It's reasonably priced and a good choice for most individuals who don't do any DIY, yet it still comes with some handy features like the extension shaft seen above and an LED to aid with navigation. This is difficult to beat for the price.

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