The Most Strangest Babies Ever Born That Will Scare You (Photos, Videos)

Babies are a blessing to their families. But there are babies that one would ask if they are a blessing or a mock to their respective families.

From babies born with monkey faces to ones born with tales like fish to even the ones born with multiple genitals (triphallia), that is, a condition in which three phalluses form during embryonic development.

Triphallia Baby In Duhok Iraq, a baby with this rare congenital condition was born. He had three phalluses (penises) at birth, in which case, two of the phalluses were small projections at the base of the normal phallus which was removed by surgery. Researchers say such conditions occur once in every 5 - 6 million live births. After the surgery, the baby survived and was doing well.

Mermaid babies Sahranpur, in Uttar Pradesh, India was another location where such a scary baby was born. The baby was suffering from a rare congenital condition called Sirenomelia or mermaid syndrome. The birth of this baby shocked doctors because the legs were fused together like the tail of a fish, while its hands were spread like the fins of fish. Unlike the triphallia baby who survived, this mermaid baby died just 10 minutes after birth. Moreover, the second baby born with mermaid syndrome was luck enough to survive after surgery.

Ape – like babies (Anencephaly) In parts of Africa, the United States and Turkey, there are abnormal live births in which case the babies are born with ape like faces. This rare medical condition is called anencephaly (half ape half human). The brain often lacks part or all of the cerebrum. There is no bony covering over the back of the head. In the United States, there's a reported cases of about 1000 to 2000 anencephaly births each year. These babies are examples of human devolution or retrogression. They have no basic knowledge of surviving on their own, and most of them have zero iQ.

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