The Need and Value of Observing Community Quarantine for us

Dr. Rowena Mangubat on behalf of the front liners plead that all citizens of the Philippines follow the enhanced community quarantine many are dying including doctors and medical experts. Front liners are in danger. COVID 19 spreads fast choosing no one. Government officials and front liners though they are well equipped with vaccines and preventions are not even exempted.

In my realization as a teacher and citizen of this country, I pitied all the doctors and front liners with all their effort to solve and to rescue everyone from COVID 19. I was compassionate to Dr.  Rowena Mangubat as she gave her sentiments which direct all people in the position to share the goods and medical kits for the citizens to stay in their homes because they don’t have to go out searching for food since the government should provide as we are facing this pandemic that immediately kills lives and can easily be passed.

As of now, more than 7 Doctors died; 2311 peoples are now positive with the virus and 90 are not even saved by the treatment as they passed away: children and elders. In other rich countries such as Italy and US, thousands of people die in a day but they have more facilities to treat the disease.  The Philippines as a third world country is really in need particularly of the medical technologies and experts that citizens should be more vigilant and careful to prevent the spread of COVID which is irresistible immediately be passed from one person to another .

Community quarantine is simple but it has a great impact to humanity, once we observe it. When I visited the grocery departments before the 25th of March, I was very alarmed that people were crowded inside and outside in panic to buy for goods. Until this time, private institutions still allow and demand their employees to come in their office for no work, there will be no pay knowing the fact that each day thousands of hundreds of people are becoming positive with the virus.

I felt pity on Dr.  Rowena Mangubat and all other frontlines for their efforts and sentiments that the Philippine medical facilities are not the same with those of other rich nations that even suffers thousands of death in spite of their wealth. Even this time, the remedy of the state to all citizens is slow that everyone  just to observe prescriptions and advises of medical experts just to prevent so community quarantine and social distancing should be followed that we can lessen the risk of our front liners.

But how can the people follow if they are also starving in their homes because Government assistance has not yet come even this time to each household that in greatly need? Other departments are still in the process making some strategy and others do corrupt in the midst of the situation. People need solutions coming from the Government assistance to oblige them to stay in their homes. People hard headedness to follow the front liners’ advice will make the situation hard. Epidemics in history such as the Bubonic Plague, Spanish flu, cholera and other disease known in the centuries killing millions of lives came because the country are not prepared. This time that we are all informed, why can’t we follow for our own good.

As a teacher, I want to travel but I don’t want to be another burden for the risk and hardship of our front liners. Community quarantine, social distancing and following medical prescriptions such as washing one’s hand and disinfection can be just easily be done and understood yet they are beneficial to our country once we observe them healthfully and prudently.

By Community quarantine, we can be productive in our homes doing something that we make ease the problems of our country as we face and encounter this pandemic. Our violent comments and criticism to our Government will not be of help to make the situation calm and better. In our homes, we pray and hope that the virus passes away with the cure and vaccine as well as everyone’s cooperation and collaboration.  When we observe enhanced community quarantine, there we show love to our fellow and the country. By doing so, we unify ourselves to cure and heal the world.


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