Marlowe Solomon Revolteado is a dedicated teacher wherever the tides would send him to. No matter how he hides through the shadows of anonymity, his exuberant glow transpires through every grey corner like a debonair horseman. Wherever he goes, he always leaves inexpugnable imprint to those whose lives he touches. That is because he is not your typical Science teacher. He teaches English, Art, Values and even History in his Science classes long before the K+12 curriculum was ever conceived in the Philippines. Allow me to take you to a tour to some of the facets of his personality.

WITTY EDUCATOR One glance at him, you would think he is lax and easy-go-lucky because he goes to his classes with just a piece of chalk and a class record - that goes with a pen in his pocket as well. But when he starts to talk, you would want to stop whatever that is you are doing. He emits some sort of irresistible energy that makes you want to listen. Yes, he is a very witty speaker, even when he says he isn’t ready. (He can change his voice and do accents.) Then he starts scribbling from the left corner of the chalkboard. While he’s at it, you sit on your chair helplessly in awe with his every stroke and marvel every time he completes the drawing in a jiffy. At the end of his class the green canvass becomes a fleeting masterpiece. Sadly, the next teacher would want to use the same board, so it is with a heavy heart that the students erase the work of art. Had camera phones were as prominent that time, we could have preserved each of them in photographs.

A MASTERMIND Because of his humor, it is undeniable that the students would love to be around him. Aside from that, he is oozing with generosity. You could actually start building that REVO statue now. Moreover, during those times when gadgets weren’t at its peak yet, he used to organize games for the teachers during summer. He, together with an equally good host, Eden, would start our four o’clock habit: the Dictionary Game. He is also the mastermind of our summer giggles especially when he, together with his accomplices Luz, Ruth, and Creo, puts up the huge Manila paper. Written on it are sentences starting with the names of the places the teachers go on summer escapades like Camiguin (Cami guin biyaan sa among inahan.) and Camotes (Camo tes tingan kung makailog bag sinagwelas.) These are not just sentences, these are actually statements that would give us glimpses of the funny experiences the gang had gone through.

EARTH WARRIOR Long before the government has pushed LGU’s (Local Government Unit) to strictly implement laws relevant to drives abating the effects of climate change, he already imposed to himself to skip the straw thus making his friends uncomfortable using such contraption when he’s around. He said, “Imagine, if there’ll be more of us skipping the straw, plastic consumption would decrease. “ If you are one of those who go to lunch with him, you would want to skip the straw. You wouldn’t want to give an impression of being halfhearted towards the condition of our ecosystem.

THE PERFORMER Aside from his speaking prowess, he is endowed with a great singing voice as he hails from a singing family himself. He used to lead the high school faculty to numerous victories over Daygun (Carolling) competitions because of his adeptness and keen ear for music. Most of all, he is an advocate of practice makes perfect. He used to say, “Mapraktisan ra na.” (We could get that through practice.) So, no matter how difficult the task may seem, you have to take effort to be at practice; if not, you’ll be weaving a colossal embarrassment for yourself.

He is indeed a man of great talents and of a dedicated spirit. When asked how he came to be so talented, he simply said, “Because someone believed in me.” He became so determined and passionate doing what he then started because his parents believed in him. Thus, the moral of the story: GOOD PARENTING BREEDS PASSION.

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