There is a Powerful Call for a Change in Nigeria

Africa is unique and is the center of attraction. Civilization has been argued to have started in Africa (Egypt). Some research has tried to prove that every man and even existence itself started in Africa. 


The possibility of the above assertions, especially of civilization starting from Africa are very much significant. This is because God used Joseph of old to secure numerous stores of food in Egypt during the time severe famine (hunger and great lack of food and water) hit the then world. People from all over the world came to Egypt to buy food in order to survive the famine. Many more had to come and live in Egypt, and Joseph seized the moment to make wealth for Egypt and thereby empowering her to become the world power and the wealthiest. When the people's money finished, they used their livestock, lands, and other valuables as collateral for food. When all they had got exhausted, they used themselves as collateral for food, thereby enslaving themselves to the Pharaoh of Egypt for food.


Since people from all over the world were in Egypt working for food, their knowledge, ideas, and wisdom demonstrated in skills and intellect developed Africa (Egypt) and led to the beginning of civilization in Africa, to the point that the first writing, known as "Cuneiform" was first seen in Egypt. I was proud to read this knowing that I am an African, especially a Nigerian, a popular nation in Africa once known as the giant of African.


But how are the mighty falling! After the fall of Egypt (Africa) and the takeover of Rome (White), African countries were partitioned and colonized. Nigeria was colonized by the British, but not until 1st October 1960 when the true forefathers and heroes of Nigeria fought warlessly for the independence of Nigeria. We became free and became a Republic Nation in 1963. The past leaders of Nigeria made education for her citizens a priority, good and free. They begged and encouraged our fathers (present leaders) to go to school for free. They made the school environment conducive, attractive, and appealing to them, and made sure that a good job will be waiting for them upon graduation from standard six.


Today, these fathers who enjoyed good, conducive, and free education have made education bad, unconducive, and costly for us. These fathers who were given jobs at the platter of gold now fail to create for and give jobs to graduates of not just from standard six, but from the university. Rather, they have mortgaged jobs and make them for sale, so that upon graduation, you will have to pay a huge amount of money to secure government jobs, which are meant to be the citizens' rights. These fathers who were given the leadership of the nation on a clean, good and conducive environment while they were young have made leadership a tussle and a talk of war; a do or die affair, and unreachable to the young citizens of the nation.


our leaders told us to go to school and argued that education is the key to success in life. But, unfortunately, we went to school, got the key, but they changed the padlock and denied us access to success. The painful thing is that we did not enjoy free education as they did. We did not live in free hostels and have our government feed us morning, afternoon, and night like they enjoyed. And after we have spent a huge amount of money, time, and stressful energy to acquire education, they deny us our citizen's rights (good jobs and a better life), and rather, they are telling us to go back to learn a trade and go back to farming. So that, our certificate, the money, time, and energy spent to acquire it becomes a waste.


In short, our present fathers, who are our leaders and supposed heroes, have failed us. Therefore, the future is in our hands- the young generation to determine what becomes of it and that of our children. It is in our hands to restore the quality, good, and value of our education system by studying hard, allowing good education to pass through us, and not just passing through education. Let's end the generation where education is bought instead of earned through hard and studious life. Let's end the era of job mortgaging, the era of political/leadership corruption, the acquisition of positions via bribery instead of through hard work and merit, etc., by being a good example to others now and in the future. Let's end the era of making Nigeria a nation for the political elites alone, and unconducive for the general public and the youth in particular. A situation where a graduate who has not been given the opportunity to work with/for his/her nation for once, in order to earn a living will be required to have 3 to 10 years experience on the job he/she is seeking before it is given to him/her. Using the so-called years' of experience as one of the strategies to deny citizens the jobs they deserve. How can we be asked to have 3 to 10 years' experience in a job we have never been allowed to do to gather the experience?


To the youths/young generation, we have come up not to join the corrupt system, or be engulfed in tribal and/or religious ill-sentiments, but to set a good example, make a change, and liberate our nation from the pit of a political, economic, and corrupt lacuna, among others. Soon the young people will become one of the leaders of this great nation. In any capacity and level of leadership positions, you will find yourself, don't forget to make a positive change. Do not toa the path of selfish, greedy, and corrupt leaders, rather, be unique just like the once unique Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular. Do not soil your hands with the blood of the innocent for power, wealth, and quest for political glory. Do not forget to make and leave an indelible landmark that posterity will remember, and thank you for.


God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa.


Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu (Pastor).


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