Things to Consider When Preparing for A Zoom Meeting

I wish I had known this a long time to have saved me from the embarrassment caused by ill preparation. There are things you cannot shrug off, knowing it could be the little fox that spoils the vine. Have you received an invitation for a Zoom meeting and don’t know how to go about it? Thank heavens you saw this! Preparing for a Zoom meeting is not a Herculean task. These are the things necessary for a great Zoom meeting experience. Read on.

Check your Browsing Speed

Hell yes! Why? No matter how wonderful you plan your presentation, a slow internet speed could mar your overall performance. Browsing speed has to do with your bandwidth, the higher your bandwidth the more seamless your presentation. There is a free browsing speed checker out there like or Google’s speed test to check your browsing speed, anything below 10mbps upload/download speed is a “no-no”. Contact your internet service provider to upgrade your speed as the case may be. Alternatively, you could go to your office or wherever convenient to obtain a high-speed connection.

Again, when considering the mode of connection, it is advisable to use a wired connection over a wireless connection. A wired connection bypasses the possibility of interruptions during sending and receiving data. Also, when using a wireless network, ensure that your 3G or 4G network is fast and dependable.

Check your Audio Functionality

A Bad Audio comprising squeaking sounds, awkward appearance and a host of other problems could be confidence wrecking. For crisp audio, you need a stand-alone microphone. Built-in microphones are good for personal use like phone calls and other less important voice calls. In order to avoid stories that touch the heart, with a few hundred dollars you can get a microphone that will please your listening audience.

If you have a hearing difficulty, get yourself an earphone to hear clearly. Endeavor to be in a noiseless environment so that there will be no interruption from the background. If you have children, keep them far away or occupied to give you an ample space.

Check Your Video Functionality

How about a video meeting? Always check your camera quality, lighting, background and appearance on camera. Get an HD video camera, never back the light source, so you do not cast a shadow on your face thereby making a dark image.

Make sure you are found in a good-looking background and look confidently at the camera, specifically at the camera lens. One of the ways to hide a bad looking background is to use a virtual background or a green screen.

For those who work remotely from home, set up a home office. This shows that you are serious and place importance on you job.

Perform a Restart of your Computer

For optimum performance of your computer or device make sure to restart it to clear any hanging program in the memory. Restarting a computer gives the CPU the opportunity to organize itself to be better prepared to handle any program task.

Do you need to always restart a computer to use zoom? No. Sometimes it is necessary due to effects caused by prolong use of a computer. Tasks both finished and unfinished may clog up in the cache thereby affecting the response rate of the app.

Close Unutilized Apps

Apps that take up the computer resources could affect the smooth running of the Zoom app. You could check the speed used up by each app in the control panel of the computer. How efficient your computer utilizes its resource is dependent on the RAM size, if you have a high memory RAM and a good internal memory size you don’t need to worry.

Check your Sharing Functionality, Visuals and Slides

This is an important part of crossing the ‘t’s and the dotting the ‘I’s in preparation for a Zoom meeting. You’d want to be sure that your sharing functionality is at your beck n’ call. Be sure that you have permission to share your screen during live meetings. Check your visuals and slides if they are in the proper order of your choice.

Plan Your Presentation

Show up on time. Remember it is the early bird that catches the worm. Give yourself enough time to practice what you have learnt in this article before the host arrives. Do not allow surprises to spring upon you unprepared! Test anytime you an unsure in order to be sure (surprise can beat even the strongest). If you feel nervous, feel free to practice with a real person around you.

Time your presentations. Don’t allow your Zoom meeting (especially as a host) to be likened to the experience of watching a TV broadcast to the audience. Allow your audience to participate. Explain the rules of engagement and how/when audiences can react to information shared with them.  

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