Through the Veil

"In the Country, we Dwell"


In the country, Nigerbenue River

We dwell inhabitation

Surrounded in oceans, mountains, hills, and lands

Rich in crude, agro-wealth, and man capacities

Gifted in nature, mineral and human resources

Adored in gold, clothed in precious stones

Like Havilah, the land of Eden

Watered all corners, like the Euphrates

fertile like Paradise, the Garden of Eden

Born separately until colonization

Amalgamated in Nigerbenue river

Proceeds in name by her mouth

Flora Shaw of Frederick Lugard

Multitude in tribe, language, religion, culture, and tradition

But one in name, politics, and government

In peace in time past

United in history, but civil war

Once in one mind

And in the fight of independent

Freedom for all


But she arrived, politics

And we missed it all

In her politicking, we failed

Failed and failed woefully

Who we are, forgotten

The true reason for together missed

Defeated, totally defeated the goal of existence

No way forward it seems


Wrong ideology, mindset, judgment, and sentiment, the epidemic of the heads of all arms

Political flaw embraced the heads

Committed to religion in ungodliness

Professed love in vehement hate

Togetherness in disunity

Care in acute rejection

Security in desolation

Afraid in heart

Panic in the soul

Her seeds are left

In the uncertainty of what the future entails or holds

Once an icon of hope

Believed to one day become the glory of Africa

It seems defeated, the dream by the heads

Now glory in undevelopment

Grows in jobless-unemployment

Wrecked in poverty

Glows in mismanagement, fraud, and embezzlement

Homeless home of the poor, unlearned and less privileges

The Jungle and den of reckless lions she becomes 

Survival of the fittest

The richer the rich

The poorer the poor it gets daily


In the country, we dwell

No political saints

All have skeletons in their cupboard

Though some are more human than the others

But far from saints

True patriot to Mandela his people


What is the way forward?

Is there a way forward?

Cos hopeless it becomes daily

Locust in herdsmenia

Brutalized in Bokoharamenia

Invested with religeo-political killing

Pulviosity of blood

Drainage of lives into the dam of Sheol

Things fall apart

The anchor holds only on inimical politicking

That seems to be the last man standing

Every other, good and positive, on the ground

Towards Sheol

Last hope, God

So help us, God!


I heard about you

Your story was so appealing, sweet and also plausible

In theory, you smell like Christ-feet-anointed ointment

Dazzle like sun behold via mirror

From afar you look innocent, innocuous

Like a sleeping gentle dove

Like a pulchritude rose🌹 

Moving gently in the incessant move of a gentle breeze

I was wedded with the curiosity to know more of you


I heard of you from afar

I saw you from afar

I resolved to take closer gaze of you

Coming to you with the eyes of a smiling face

But your shock on me

I look more with a sad face and tearful mind


Like research, you became a phenomenon

Curiously and critically searching for hypothesis for theory

I frown more at my findings

You breed founders, formulators, designers, and distributors of falsehood

You are hyperbole and exaggerator of your being

I will make the earth like heaven

You say when our power you are looking for

I will make a stable light in the thickest darkness

I will make the airplane to use air

Motor to use water

I will make a bridge on a partway

And a partway on the sea

You over-promised when our support you anxiously needed

I will be a servant at your service

I will echelon the hill between the rich and the poor

No man shall I raise above the law

Poverty I shall annihilate

I will give maximum education

In my time shall no mortal sick

In my power shall I shelter all men

In my bane shall you harvest

In my garden shall you eat fruit

In my table shall all men feed

In my garment, I shall dress all men

In fact, the kingdom of the earth shall be better than the kingdom of heaven

You boldly, mockery-ly promised

When our authority you curiously needed

But at your grab at all, you needed from us

Another tone you play and dance


I heard of you not from afar

I threw a sight photographically at you

On a close gage

Another microscopic sight magnified your real image

A lethal lion in a sheep garment

An inimical python in the image of a wall-gecko

A green snick in a green grass

A dark demon in the white apparel of an Angel


With much strength

Much boldness and a fearless mind

I look through the deceptive veil of Politics

I behold image havoc-like being


You are too generous

That you can take from the pauper

You are too faithful and committed

Especially with matters unconnected

With benevolence, equality, peace, and tranquility

With matters unconnected with quality knowledge

Durable infrastructure, helping the paupers and less privileges

In your too much generosity

You make richer the rich, and poorer the poor

To your selfish claimed selfless gain

You empower and strengthen the underworld beings

Out of the plenty of the masses-more of the weak and the poor

You feed them a little

In your development commitment

You re-beautify the built-good roads

And lay waste the bad ones

Introducing yourself as the Angel of light, salvation, peace, hope, and solution publicly

You become Angel of darkness, bondage, conflict, despondence, segregation, nepotism and fraud, in the clandestine place

Oh! Politics

Looking at you severely

Other names; should I say real names I discovered

Poli-tale, poli-lies, and politricks

What a pitiable pessimism and a regrettable lugubrious?

That of all these you care not to know


Of all the sadness about you

In this, I console my soul

You shall not be forever

Though you die a tenure to rise another tenure

But time is near when the Master of the universe shall descend for account

There I take console

You shall die forever to rise no more


"The Voice of Nigeria"
I am the voice that cries in Africa
The voice that spoke for her freedom
The voice that advocated against her inhumanity
And now, I call for her peace and unity

I am the voice that cries out of the valleys
The voice that calls from the mountains
And now, I call on my child Nigeria
And his children Nigerians
Who is my firstborn
The apparent heir to the throne of Africa

From the continent of Africa
I conceived you
In the west of Africa
I bore you
Unique and great among your brethren I made you
With many talents and gifted hands, I endowed you
With numerous descendants and multicultural-language, I ornamented you
And with numerous gifted hands and gift of nature, I beautified you

The jealousy of them on the mountains
I made you be
The envy of them in the valleys
I bore you to be
The earnest desire and dream of them around
I fashioned you to be

Oh! My beloved son-Nigeria
What went wrong?
Do not use your armor of defense
As armor of offensive attack on one another in brutality
Seek not division that leads to destruction
Rather, work/walk towards unity that leads to strength
Do not destroy what your fathers
Suffered and struggled to build
Freedom, peace, and unity
Rather, stand on that strong foundation
And build a nation
Worthy of emulation
A reliable icon for the envy of other nations.

I am the voice that cries out of the valleys
The voice that calls from the mountains
And now, I urge you my son- Nigeria
And his children- Nigerians
Hearken to my voice of goodness
That brings togetherness
Where the rivers of gladness flows

Take not the path of division
That leads to destruction
The easy way to fall apart
In collapsing of protection walls
For the intrusion of the enemies within and without
The desire of the wicked
The laughter of the evil minds
The happiness of the ferocious souls

Oh! Nigeria
Do not forget
It was on your soil that it occurred
The misunderstanding of the need for peace and unity
The tremendous havoc
The fall of the mighty
The merciless crush of the weak
The helpless whaling of children
The pain and regret of the loss of lives, properties, talents and gifted hands
Of which full recovery is denied till date

Why trade again upon that dangerous-destructive path
Even if conscienceless as Nero
Remember your children
Even if mighty like Sampson
Remember the weak
Even if rich as Solomon the King
Remember the useful poor
Regrets abide by incautious action-mistake
Whatever that is violently lost cannot be regained
There is no unity in division
No progress without unity
No success in conflict
No achievement in war
War is the absence of peace, unity, tranquility, and justice
Calm down, reason and think
Solution lies in sincere peace, tolerance, and understanding

The leaders, hear the cry of the lead
Hearken to the voice of the agitators
They are also yours to love and care for
In every nonsense, there may be a sense
The lead, understand and cooperate with the leaders
Over you, they are placed for the moment
To guide, correct and supervise affairs
Worthy that you must note
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown
You can do no better than they are
The agitators seek not the nation's flesh
For selfish gain, dream, and desire
Consider others
We are one
No one is less important
No one is most important
We need one another
We are one

My son - Nigeria
To regain your beauty and glory
Justice must take it full cause
When there are sincere repentance and a positive change of attitude
Justice must be tempered with mercy
Make good use of the talents and gifted hands
Putting aside religious, cultural and language vaudeville
For we are one
Live together
Work together
In this are your strength and salvation
Power and might

For them on the mountains
Are jealous of you
They in the valleys
Are envious of you
Them around who surround
Desire to be like you
All waiting anxiously for your division, disintegration, and fall
To take over and glory on

I am the voice of freedom
The voice of peace
The voice of tranquility
The voice of unity
The voice of growth, general and equal development
The voice of justice
The voice of love
I am the voice of the Maker
The voice of Nigeria
God bless Nigeria.


All Rights Reserved 

Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu (the Poet)

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