Top Africa Countries for Medical Tourism Destinations

It is quite common for patients to travel across borders seeking for better, cheaper or specialized medical care. Africa is currently thriving with regards to medical tourism, evident by the growing numbers of patients who travel to get treatment in the African countries. Some of the reasons as to why many patients make Africa their primary option include great prices, excellent doctors, and professional staff who work at the world-class hospitals in Africa. Some of the African countries that are leading in health tourism are highlighted below.


A majority of medical tourists flock to Kenya, probably due to the fact that the medical services offered there are of very high quality and relatively cheap. Being a very beautiful country also plays a part in attracting medical tourists. Most patients travel to Kenya to get a medical procedure done and experience a fun vacation while at it. Patients with mental conditions such as stress and depression find the bustling energy in the Kenyan cities and serenity in the savannah grasslands to be quite therapeutic and an effective treatment for their condition.


Morocco is another great medical destination that is known to attract patients looking for plastic surgeries and physical therapies. A great and affordable therapist can make all the difference for patients who need to build up strength and stamina, such as those recovering from injuries. Individuals, who wish to shape up their body, can get liposuction done at very affordable prices. The many excellent dialysis centers across the country also make morocco a great destination for kidney patients.


Medical tourism in Egypt has been developing steadily over the years. The country earned its place on the map after running the successful Virus C campaign. This made many patients quite excited and eager to enjoy the quality medical services available in the country. Several steps have been put in place to promote various lesser-known places that have many amazing clinics and doctors. Low prices and wide-spread advertisements are some of the measures taken to draw in more medical tourists.


Patients who require lifesaving medical procedures that are very costly may find Tunisia to be a great destination. The medical prices there can be up to 50% lower compared to the prices in Western Europe. The medical experts in the country specialize in urology, cardiology, and gynecology. Fertility treatments, breast augmentation, and liposuction are some of the other popular medical procedures in the country. Tunisia has amazing weather and many five-star hotels, which also helps to attract many medical tourists.

South Africa

South Africa boasts of having some of the best medical facilities and doctors in the entire continent. The country is well-known for affordable dentistry and elective medical procedures. You can expect to experience a high level of professionalism from expert physicians who have a lot of experience. The country also has a nice blend of cultural and modern activities that you can enjoy after your treatment.

If you are to travel across borders for medical treatment, you have plenty of reasons to choose one of the countries mentioned above as your destination. This is the case irrespective of whether you are from within Africa or from another continent.

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