After Recording 6401 cases, Nigerians Still in Doubt of Coronavirus Outbreak

In spite of conflicting conspiracy theories surrounding the deadly coronavirus outbreak which started in December, 2019 during Chinese Lunar Year from the City of Wuhan, the People’s Republic of China, there is no doubt that the plague has become a threat to humanity, killing thousands and infected millions of people across the continents. In order to fight the common enemy, World Health Organization in collaboration with governments around the world have put in place some measures to curb the further spread of the deadly COVID-19.

 In this fight, African countries especially Nigeria, having recorded her first index case on February 23, as part of her measure in curbing the further spread of the virus across the country has declared a total lockdown in some states of the federation such as Lagos state, Ogun state, Kano state among others.

 In addition to that, government has shut down the airports, seaports, and land borders. Placed ban on inter-states journey, religious activities, social gathering, schools, and markets. Advised social distancing, mandated the use of face masks amongst others. In spite of the strict measures put in place by the government to stop the spread of the virus, Nigeria has recorded over 192 deaths, 6401 infected cases while 1734 patients have recovered from the plague.

However, with the daily increment in the number of infected people in the country, some Nigerians are still indifferent to the existence of coronavirus outbreak in the country. Arguing that the virus has not spread to Nigeria because neither has government shown the infected patients to the country nor has the people seen the infected patients at the supposedly isolation centers in the country, that Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is treating people simply of core malaria, and not the deadly coronavirus. 

Some also argues that government is only using the opportunity to receive donations from international communities, that the claim of coronavirus in the country is an avenue for the public office holders to embezzle public funds, that coronavirus is just a hoax for corruption, that Nigeria does not have resources to manage such outbreak, that NCDC is inflating the figure and therefore, the deadly COVID-19 does not exist in Nigeria. 

More so, Chairman of DAAR Communication Plc and Founder, African Independent Television (AIT), Raymond Dokpesi who just recovered from the coronavirus plague has affirmed the claim of Nigerians by saying that NCDC may be treating people of malaria. Dokpesi made this claim after he was discharged from isolation center, having recovered from the plague. According to AIT founder, NCDC did not show him the result of the test conducted on him. He said that NCDC collected his sample but refuse to show him the result of the test but only told him that he has contracted the virus and therefore, moved to isolation center for treatment. 

It is still therefore battling that people are still indifferent to the existence of coronavirus two months after the confirmation of index case in the country while evidences and resources suggest otherwise. Though, it can be deduced from the above claims that Nigerians are practical people that highly value the principle of seeing is believing and seeing is experiential. But it is better to be safe than sorry later, for coronavirus has not just become a threat in Nigeria but to the humanity at large. This is why Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has increased her testing capacities and facilities, by confirming the establishment of 26 molecular laboratory across the country, conducting more than 20 thousands coronavirus test in the country.

 Also, in the fight against the plague, Nigeria has lost her Chief of Staff, in person of Abba Kyari. In addition, notable people that have contracted the virus include Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, Kaduna state Governor, Alhaji El-Rufai, Kogi State Governor, Yaya Bello among other.


By Tunde Morakinyo. 

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