'We've NOT seen the worst of Covid' Bill Gates warns

Microsoft billionaire turned Medical specialist and Epidemiologist ,Bill Gates has warned there is a 'way above five per cent' risk the world has not yet seen the worst of the Covid pandemic.

The tech billionaire and philanthropist said he didn't want to sound pessimistic, but cautioned that a 'even more transmissive and lethal' form could emerge.

He claims the chance of it happening is 'far beyond 5%,' implying that the worst of the epidemic is yet to come.It's not the first time he's predicted something like this. In December 2021, he encouraged his millions of Twitter followers to prepare for the worst of the pandemic, having earlier warned in 2015 that the worst was yet to come.

'We're still at risk of this pandemic spawning a variation that's significantly more transmissive and lethal,' Gates told the Financial Times.'It's not likely, and I don't want to sound pessimistic, but there's a far higher chance than a 5% chance that this epidemic isn't over yet.'

Gates, whose new book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic is set to be released on Tuesday, recommended governments throughout the globe to invest in a team of epidemiologists and computer modellers to assist anticipate future global health problems.

He dubbed his proposal the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization programme, and stated it should be run by the WHO, which he said was the only organisation capable of assembling and managing a 'top-notch' team of specialists for roughly $1 billion per year.

He said that the WHO's existing financing model was "not at all serious about pandemics," and that just approximately 10 individuals were working full-time on outbreak preparedness while being distracted by other tasks.


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