WhatsApp will stop working on these old smartphones From November 1, 2021


From November 1, 2021, WhatsApp will no longer support Android devices running version 4.0.4 or older.Users will now require Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later to utilise the app, according to the company's revised supported Android devices website.WhatsApp is currently only compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.While users with older devices may be able to get the app to operate, it will most likely not function as intended and will not get critical security updates.Users with cellphones that do not support the necessary Android versions were urged to migrate to a compatible handset or back up their conversation history before then.

In comparison to the total Android user base, the number of people impacted by this change is expected to be minimal.Android 4.1 has been available on Samsung smartphones dating back to the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 since 2012.As a result, starting in November, WhatsApp will no longer support the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 10.1.


Because upgrade support varies by provider and country, it's conceivable that South Africans who own older handsets have yet to get the Android 4.1 update that is available elsewhere.Although WhatsApp will continue to work on Android 4.1, it should be noted that Google also released its last-ever Play Services upgrade for the operating system this month.


Certain applications may become difficult to operate or may cease to function altogether if the service is not updated. Furthermore, considering that Google ceased providing common Android security upgrades a long time ago, the devices will be much more vulnerable to security attacks.

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