Why Coronavirus is not the End of the World

There have been histories of epidemics and pandemics diseases that have confronted the world, such as Black Death. In the last hundred years, significant pandemics include the 1918 Spanish flu Pandemic which killed an estimated 1 million people, the 1968-69 Hongkong water fly pandemic; the 2002-3 SARS pandemic, the AIDS pandemic, beginning in 1959, the HIN 1 influenza (swine flu) pandemic, 2009-2010. Other diseases that spread more slowly but are still considered to be global health emergencies by the WHO, including XDR TB, a strain of tuberculosis that is extensively resistant to drug treatments; Malaria, which kills an estimated 1.6 million people each year, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which has claimed hundreds of victims in Africa in several outbreaks. One of the largest impact events in modern times was the Tunguska event in June 1908.


The case of coronavirus, however, is unique because it is not a history, but a current event. And it is happening in this modern time when the world is believed to have grown so much in science and technology to easily confront and defeat any disease and/or virus affecting man. Having defiled the sophisticated medical muscle of the modern world and taking the lives of many within a short period of time, many now believe and some assume that coronavirus must be "The End of the World".


Whether manmade or God's sent, coronavirus is not and will not be the end of the world. It is rather just a sign of the Second Coming or Advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which must occur first before the end of the world. These horrific events like coronavirus we are seeing in the world today are pointing to the fact that the coming of Jesus Christ, which will usher in other eschatological events before the final end of the world is at hand, that is, very close. In Matthew 24:3 reading further, Jesus predicted some of these things that will occur in our time and times to come which will be the signs of His coming and of the end of the age (world). He said believers in Him should not be alarmed when we see all these things, rather, it should make us be ready and prepare for His second coming. He said that He predicted these things ahead of now so that when we see them happening we will be in Him, in He who sent Him and know that it is the truth.


Just like the prediction of Jesus Christ, coronavirus is not just a threat to human health and life, but it is gradually leading to another modern phase of famine. The price of commodities, goods, and services are now going up indiscriminately in a high percentage, which may soon lead to a lack of food and other basic necessities, except for the Lord Jesus Christ intervenes. This has become a very big concern to the world as a whole.


However, instead of being too worried, because at this point it is normal to be worried, we should rather prepare ourselves and get ready for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It could be any moment from now. Even if it delays further than this, we must take note of the fact that since the signs as consciously predicted by Jesus Christ are happening, the coming itself, other eschatological events and the end of the world that follows must as well happen. What matters most is not when it will happen, but what will be your fate if it happens. Are you prepared, am I prepared? That's the question that matters most which we need to answer now before it becomes too late.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu 

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