Why the WORLD needs LEADERS

          I have always believed that being a leader is being someone with a team spirit. This is also one of the reason's why I cannot be one. You might be asking why, but the more striking question should be:

Why do we need leaders?

          Imagine we walk the cosmos without a guide, how far do you think we could go? Or could we even reach a mile or two without inflecting harm to others or to ourselves and those that we hold dear? Leaders are essential personalities since the beginning of time: from Moses to Caesar; from Alexander to Hitler;.... the list goes on. 

What do leaders do?


           People flock in manifolds; In order to gain understanding, peace and harmony, someone needs to stand up to consolidate ideas transforming them into fuel beneficial for society. Someone with authority and conviction needs to mediate  to make sure every idea is given value and thorough thought. A good leader takes time to explain why one idea may not work rather than leave the proponent wallow in the streams of rejection. When that happens, he sure extends both hands to lift you because he is one with you. He bleeds when you bleed.


           A leader should be a man/woman of action, not just flowery words and empty promises. He must be an epitome of fortitude and perseverance because a good leader has this inexplicable charm towards people. Even when met with unforseen circumstances, he always manages to beat the odds with the help of his teammates. He unconsciously kindles the winning spirit among his fellowmen because he is among them - working, toiling ... relentlessly.


           Usually leaders set boundaries but good leaders mark them. Simply because he gives leeway. Leadership without freedom is tyranny. That is the least of what the world needs now in this crazy world of advancement and disparity. The good leader shows his fellowmen how far certain actions may lead and the dangers that go with it but he leaves them to decide because he is not controlling. However, do not underestimate him because when faced with circumstances that may endanger you and the entire team, he can make ultimate decisions to ensure safety. Because he is one with you.     


          Good leaders are great motivators. They have a way through people because of their kindred spirits. They are the plinths that hold the pedestal so that we could climb through. They open doors to new opportunities while holding them to ensure everyone has gotten inside. He is not a leader who is already inside and calls out to let you in. He must know how it is to be outside to actually say he is one with you.


             You might also ask what right I have to enumerate the aforementioned when I just said I don't and can't be a leader? Simple. I am an advocate! Who could best describe leaders but their advocates? Let's face it, we cannot all be leaders; Well, whom are we going to lead then? Who's going to fight the battles when everyone dreams of sitting on the high throne? Who's going to tend to the sick if everyone wants to hold office? Who's going to teach if everyone wants to be school administrators? See the point now?

             We don't need to be a leader in order to prove that we have grown in our profession. However, we are leaders in our own ways, but you know what I am talking about. Growth happens when we allow ourselves new ideas to do ordinary things through extraordinary measures. Yes, I am that stubborn. I hold steadfast to my role in the classroom. So, whichever role you are dreaming of: Dream it! Achieve it! Hone it! Grow in it!



table contrasting I and We leaders Figure out which type of leader you are.



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