Your Old Mobile Phone could be worth a Fortune, iPhone 1 Sells for up to £30,000.

Your first phone may have been cheap in comparison to today's smartphones, but that old "brick" may be worth hundreds of pounds.Market for antiques has created a list of the most expensive "antique" cellphones.The most valuable item on the list is a rare edition of the original iPhone, which is valued at £10,000. There may also be a windfall for people who still hold outdated Motorola and Nokia phones.

The following are the top ten most valued mobile phones:

iPhone 1 prototype in pre-production - £10,000+

£800 - £3,500 Motorola 8000x

Mobira Senator NMT - £800 - £2,000 Nokia 7700 - £1,000 - £2,000

IBM Personal Communicator Simon - £800 - £2,000

The Nokia Sapphire 8800 costs between £500 and £2,000, depending on the model.

£600 - £1,500 Technophone PC105T

£600 - £1,000 Orbitel Citiphone

£300 - £1,000 Ericsson R290 Satellite Phone

£100 - £400 for Rainbow StarTAC

Software, model, cult status, and rarity are just a few of the reasons that may make an ancient phone expensive.

According to experts, the prototype iPhone 1 has been known to sell for much to £30,000. Many post-production iPhones, on the other hand, have alternative software loaded, making them less useful.


Some helpful tips for collecting vintage cellphones

Examine the phone's condition; goods in their original box, with all documentation and accessories, will sell for more money.

Find the phone's distinctive selling feature - icon status and technological achievements are much more important than age alone.

Know how to use the technology. Many outdated phones either don't function because of the battery or can't connect to a network; this isn't always a negative thing; however, be sure you know why it doesn't work.

Examine the phones and, above all, make sure you grasp the differences between models that haven't been changed much; the price difference may be significant.


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