Empathy: Fuel for Customer Loyalty

If there is one element that takes customer service to another level of excellence, it is empathy, in other words, responsiveness. Putting yourself in the shoes of a customer, imagining yourself being on the receiving end, and facing a customer in front of you as if it's your own reflection in a mirror, can shift customer service delivery into a whole new dimension.

Customer service teams are trained more than others in most organisations that are customer centric, however, sometimes the results are not as impressive. Employees are stressed, demotivated, and no longer see value in their mission and vision as companies. We cannot run away from the fact that Covid-19 pandemic brought its own negative impact on customer service delivery. Everyone is scared and worried about their safety, but reality is that both you and the customer need each other. As some businesses start operating, showing empathy for customers improves service delivery. You get to serve the customer efficiently and effectively resulting not just in a happy customer, but happy you too!

Most companies have resorted to online and social media platforms for customer services in adherence to social distancing and in efforts to try and keep customers traveling at a minimal. That is the advantage of technology, however, good customer service has to be maintained even on line. The customer journey has to remain smooth and satisfying. Remember, the world will get to post-Covid times and you would not want to discover that some of your customers walked away silently to the next service provider. Make your CRM System functional, have a reliable online service, and give customer feedback. Another important element, mean what you preach in your adverts about online service.

Below is a copy of an email that motivated me to write this piece. Talking to the customer, they said it was never their intention to send an email written in bold letters to their service provider, but at the same time they finally managed to get someone's attention, within minutes, and got their query resolved after several other failed gentle follow ups. But should we push our customers this far?

From: xxxxx Sent: 27 July 2020 09:31 To: customerservice; retailsupport Subject: Re: Follow up on Query "Ticket No.xxxx" SINCE THE 16TH OF JULY, NO FEEDBACK. I WAS LUCKY TO GET MY CALL ANSWERED TODAY BUT GUESS WHAT, I WAS TRANSFERRED TO 3 PEOPLE WHO COULD NOT HELP, AND JUST RAN OUT OF AIRTIME WHEN I WAS HOLDING FOREVER FOR THE 4th PERSON.... MY CUSTOMER JOURNEY AT YOUR COMPANY...Could it be I am calling the wrong place? All I need is feedback that can help me know what needs to be done. Regards, xxxxx

This kind of email and the tone in it reminds us to be careful not to let loyal customers walk away. Businesses that practice empathy are most likely to receive the most satisfied customers. Remember you are the service provider but not the only one. Customer retention is key, as loyalty is critical in every successful business.

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