Coronavirus and the Nigeria Government

Coronavirus is making headlines in all countries around the world. Europe and other developed nations are setting up emergencies plans to curtain the spread of this novel virus. Two days ago a primary school in the UK closed down for deep clean after a 'confirmed coronavirus' case. The head teacher claimed a parent caught the killer coronavirus that has infected more than 82,000 people as it continues to sweep the world.

Italy has confirmed more than 400 cases of the virus with 12 people dead so far, and Germany warns of the 'start of an epidemic' as Denmark and Estonia confirm first cases.

Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, North Macedonia and the city of Athens have all confirmed their first virus cases in the last two days - all of them linked to Italy.

Supermarket shelves were empty in Italy and Romania as panicking shoppers rushed to prepare for quarantine.

In Germany yesterday a train was stopped for two hours with a fleet of emergency workers descending on a remote station after a passenger returning from Italy showed symptoms of the virus on board.

Mozambique stopped issuing visas for Chinese travellers in February. South Africa stopped accepting packages from China. But other nations like Nigeria for example, are not taking such measures. Experts wonder if the efforts are not unified and total across the continent, will they be effective at all.

Countries are making emergency plans to curtain the spread of this virus. Nigeria a country of over 200 million and one with the highest Chinese population in Africa seems quiet about this #coronavirusnigeria. The ineptitude of the Nigeria Government regarding the #coronavirusnigeria is ridiculous. There is no mention of the virus in any of their news media. No public health information and discussion on how to prepare for its outbreak. There news media continues to concentrate on irrelevant political issues, home videos gossips, etc . I believe #coronavirusNigeria is already in Nigeria ,perhaps killing people silently and no one is even aware of it . The leadership of Nigeria baffles me. How do they reason? What guides their decisions? Self-quarantine, a strategy employed by many western countries where one with the virus isolates themself so as not to infect others will not work in a country like Nigeria where there is no social care. People will disobey such advice and  continue to mingle with people in order to earn a living. The reason why Nigerian leaders should worry is because when #coronavirusNigeria hits Nigeria, no VIP, Governor, Minister,Senator will fly out of Nigeria for treatment because no country will allow a known coronavirus case to come into its hospitals for treatment. The outbreak  #coronavirusNigeria could result into civil disobedence from Superstition  beliefs ,an invisible but powerful hurdle in the  belief system that deems  disease to be a curse or the result of evil spirits.

The Coronavirus is now rated as one of the greatest threat facing human existence in modern history. There are suggestions from various quarters that countries are refusing to openly report the severity of this virus in their country. China for example, has been accused of hiding information about the number of death and infection recorded.


The Nigeria Government urgently need to setup up plans to save the country from this catastrophic disease. #coronavirusNigeria is real

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