Nigeria Coronavirus Outbreak; Questions everyone should be asking

Fresh details have emerged about Nigeria's first coronavirus case, and there are now fears that the virus may have spread far and wide in Nigeria considering the fact that the virus was confirmed 3 days after the Italian arrived the country.  There are also concerns that the virus may have been in Nigeria long before now especially when you consider the close ties between Nigeria and china, and the frequent travels between the 2 countries.

The following is a breakdown of the report so far about the Italian man according to Lagos state commissioner for health,Akin Abayomi

1--The Italia man arrived lagos on February 24 on a Turkish Airlines flight that had a connection in Istanbul, Akin Abayomi, told reporters.

2- He then spent a night in a hotel near the airport and the following day on the 25th February travelled to his place of work in the neighbouring state of Ogun .

3--He stayed in the neighbouring state of Ogun until he developed a fever and body pains on the afternoon of February 26th, Akin Abayomi  said.

4--Health practitioners in his company then contacted biosecurity authorities, who transferred him to a containment facility in Yaba, Lagos state.

Although Nigeria Minister of Heath ,Osagie Ehanire told reporters in Nigeria's capital, Abuja that the man is now quarantined and doing well, many questions remain unanswered.

1---Who are the people on the same flight as the patient? 

2—Who are the people working in the hotel-reception, and other staff on the day he arrived the hotel

3—Who was the taxi driver or car driver who drove him to the hotel and the neighbouring state of Ogun . 

2—How do we identify the places the Italian man visited before going to the hospital.

Identifying  all the contacts of the Italia man since he entered Nigeria and those who were with him on the aircraft is crucial to curtailing the spread of the disases in Nigeria. 


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