The Most Followed African Celebrities on Social Media

The Most Followed African Celebrities on Social Media

Who is the most popular African celebrity? Well, this is a subjective question that’s dependent on who is answering it.

The entertainment industry in Africa has become very competitive. As a celebrity, you must command a huge following on social media for you to be respected as the most popular celebrity.

Top 10 most followed African entertainers


1.      Akon –            African-American musician

On top of the list of the most followed African entertainers is the African-American singer, Akon. The US-based Senegalese singer is an international celebrity commanding a huge following from Africa and abroad.

Most entertainers argue that Akon should not be included in the list of African celebrities because he is based in the United States.

2.      Davido -          Nigerian musician

Davido is the most popular African celebrity followed by Africans on social media. The Nigerian musician has dominated the rap industry in Africa for a long time, beating his opponents in the continent.

A vast of his social media following is on Instagram where he has more than 12.6 million followers.

3.      Trevoh Noah -           South African comedian

The South African comedian is also one of the most followed African celebrities on social media. He has more than 14.85 million followers, mixed from both Africa and abroad.

His antiques in standup comedy have given him a global ranking that makes him one of the most popular comedians in the world.

4.      Gad Elmaleh -           Moroccan comedian 

Though not from the sub-Saharan African region, Gad Elmaleh has also put his name as one of the most popular comedians from Africa. He has a huge social media fan base that grants him bragging rights as one of the most influential celebrities in Africa.

5.      Jamel Debbouze -      Moroccan actor

Another Moroccan that has hit the social media following is the sensational actor, Jamel Debbouze. The Moroccan actor was born in France and he has featured in several French films in France.

6.      Charlize Theron -      South African actress

Holding dual citizenship of South Africa and America, the US-based actress is another figure from the continent that is so popular on social media.

However, her fan base is mainly from South Africa and the United States. Her popularity in other African countries is not so immense.

7.      Peter Okoye -                         Nigerian musician

Peter Okoye is part of the sensational African singing duo, P-Square. Apart from enjoying popularity as a duo, Peter Okoye has also managed to make his name a separate brand from P-Square.

His popularity on social media is way beyond 10 million followers.

8.      Wizkid -          Nigerian musician

Wizkid is a talented musician who has released many hit songs that got the attention of many Africans. He has made many tours across Africa, cementing his popularity in most African countries.

9.      Lupita Nyong’o -       Kenyan actress  

Lupita Nyong’o is Kenyan Hollywood actress. Her rise to fame came in 2013 when she featured in the film ’12 Years a Slave’. She then went ahead to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in Supporting Role.

Since then, she has featured in other top films including ‘Black Panther’.

10.  Diamond -      Tanzanian entertainer

Diamond has stood out to control the entertainment industry in East Africa. The Tanzanian is known for his great hit songs in Swahili. He has collaborated with international artists such as Ne-yo, Rick Ross, and Morgan Heritage.

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