Top Technological Innovations in Africa in the 21st Century

The Top Tech Innovations in Africa in the 21st Century

The tech industry in Africa has been on the rise in recent years. The continent is fast becoming a hub of technological innovation, intended to improve the lives of people in the continent and across the globe. There are many African innovations and inventions which have stirred a lot of excitement in the world of technology, some of which are highlighted below.

The Biomedical Jacket

A brilliant university graduate from Uganda came up with the idea and created a biomedical jacket that is used for the diagnosis of pneumonia. The smart jacket, which was named Mamaope, is said to be able to do the pneumonia diagnosis up to four times faster and more accurately than doctors. In addition to making a diagnosis, the jacket can also send medical information to a smartphone, which the doctor can then use to recommend the right treatment. The inventor, called Brian Turyabagye, says that his motivation was to reduce the number of children in the country who lose their lives to pneumonia each year.

3D Printing

Lalle Nadjagou of WoeLabs tech hub in Togo is the mastermind behind the first 3D printer to be made in Africa. What makes the printer unique is the fact that that it is made 100% from recycled e-waste. The innovation is a great way to deal with the overwhelming e-waste and recycling as well as a design technology that could revolutionize the world. There is another tech center called Buni Hub, which is based in Tanzania that also builds 3D printers.

M-Pesa Money App

M-Pesa is a phone-based system for money transfer, which was invented and launched in Kenya. It was initially intended to be a tool for managing microloans but is currently being used to do all kinds of money transactions. It has spread across the African continent and is currently being used even in Europe, India, Afghanistan and many other places around the world. The innovation was quite impressive to an extent that it got praise even from world-renowned tech gurus such as Bill Gates.


Mellowcabs are fully electric vehicles that were developed in South Africa, which are used to provide public transportation. They are carbon-neutral, which makes them very friendly to the eco-system. The cabs are made using recycled materials and use hydrogen fuel cell technology. Kinetic energy is also used to power the cabs and the computers systems in it. The rides are free to the public, with the company making money from the advertisements that are placed in the vehicles.

Charging Shoes

Parts of the rural areas in most African countries are not connected to national electricity grids. This makes it quite a challenge for individuals living in such places to own mobile phones. To help solve this problem, A Kenyan inventor came up with the charging shoe. The shoe uses crystal chips that generate electricity when pressure is exerted on them as a person is walking. The electricity generated is then used to charge the phone or stored for later use.

Africa is slowly but steadily catching up with the western world in terms of technology. With necessity fueling a majority of the inventions and innovations, a lot more is expected to come from the continent in the near future.

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